Looking Back, Looking Forward!

In my last post I talked about my work on the Bonhoeffer project. It has unfortunately come to an abrupt halt. The project isn’t over, I just have to put it on hiatus. It was scheduled to be premiered in NYC in October 2013 but the performance has fallen through. I am disappointed to say the least as this work has been on my mind for a number of years. I started working with Bonhoeffer related material since my days as an undergraduate and my interest in him has not abated. I was working on a full length opera with Nick Barker (whose poems I set here) until Nick passed away several years ago. His unfortunate death halted the project then and now this set back has delayed it even further. I do hope to secure funding and a venue to present work but until then I need to focus my efforts on other projects.

In light of that I am going to tackle a work for flute and electronics as
Camilla Hoitenga, Sato Moughalian, and Carla Rees have expressed an interest in me writing something for them. If all goes well, hopefully this work will gain some traction with these fine performers as a bi-continental endeavor!

My work on the Bonhoeffer did lead to some break throughs for me in the programming environment
Max/MSP. Part of my compositional process deals with pitch-fields and manipulating them in all kinds of ways and as such I have been working on a synthesizer in Max that allows me to work with these pitch-fields.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 11.16.38 AM

The attached screen shot shows part of the patch I have been working through un building self-generative synthesizer I call Pitchfiled Synth. I hope to further develop this aspect within a work for flute and electronics! This sound file is only a test file which I used to set-up up the synth (an FM synthesizer) but it does give an impression of what some of it may sound like.