New Book

In 2007 a fantastic book, It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God, came out about the arts from a Reformed perspective that I devoured from cover to cover. It was full of great articles on Beauty and Presence, Craftsmanship and Engagement with contributions from folks such as Tim Keller, Ed Knippers, Adrienne Chaplin, as well as many others who brought great insight to the table of artistic discussion and faith.

A few years later I had rolling around in my head the idea of a similar kind of book but devoted to the more narrow topic of contemporary art music. I contacted
Square Halo about the possibility of just a venture but I was politely informed that a sequel to the 2007 book was already in the works. I was a bit disappointed but it was short lived. Ned Bustard soon asked me to contribute an article to the book which they eventually decided to include (which I hope they are not regretting!)

In any case the book will be released and I would encourage you to go over and pre-order it right away. Like its predecessor is full of great chapters from a multitude of perspectives and authors. Some of the contributors are
Tom Jennings, Brian Moss, and John Patitucci. There are many others folks who have contributed really interesting topics and chapters and I look forward to giving it thorough read through.

Head on over to order your copy of
It Was Good: Making Music to the Glory of God today!